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Founded in 2007 and published 6 times in year, Luxury Art&Lifestyle is international magazin on the visual arts and luxury lifestyle. It covers everything from antiquities to contemporary work, as well as providing in-depth discussion of the latest art news and debates; exclusive interviews with the world’s greatest collectors and artists; expert information on the market, hotel, travels, authoritative guidance on collecting, and reviews and previews of exhibitions worldwide.

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Keep on top of the latest art news, reviews and opinion with our free daily blogs. Our website provides up to date commentary on the most important issues affecting the art world today, along with the latest exhibition reviews and guides to major art fairs and events around the world.


LAL is a selection of the most talented and inspirational people who are driving forward the art world today. Each year we cover a different part of the world.

Art Diary

LAL´s comprehensive guide to the major exhibitions in public galleries and museums around the world. See our highlights or search for events near you.

Art News Daily

A daily round-up of the most significant art news stories from around the world.