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    Revolutionary Porcelain

    The exhibition of the famous collection of Vladimir Tsarenkov in Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

    From April 22nd to October 8th, 2017, the special exhibit Malevich, Kandinsky, and Revolutionary Porcelain: Art and White Gold of the Russian Masters from 1917 to 1927 will be featured at the Spielzeu…

  2. Interview

    The Mosimann’s

    Mosimann’s Club, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the world, has members including wealthy and noble families, not only from the UK but from all over the world. At Mosimann’s, cuisine…

  3. Interview

    "Us and them" and "Sex and Landscapes"

    Helmut Newton / Alice Springs

    In June 2014 the Helmut Newton Foundation will celebrate its tenth year anniversary. The museum first opened its doors with the exhibitions “Us and Them” and “Sex and Landscapes”, which were s…

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    Views from the Past

    by Lawrence Schiller

    Lawrence Schiller, born in 1936 in New York, is known to most of us for his Marilyn Monroe pictures. At the age of 25, Schiller had had the chance to document the making of “Somethings Gotta Give”…

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    "Art I’ve Lived With"

    works from the collection of Mikhail BARYSHNIKOV

    This is the first time that Baryshnikov’s collection has been publicly presented. It follows  a recent exhibition of  his own photographic work showcased at ABA Gallery in Octobe…

  6. Interview

    Celso Fadelli

    You formed your first company in 1985, how old were you then? It was an interior design  company, had you studied architecture? How have your parents influenced your business activities? Yes, my…

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