Views from the Past

by Lawrence Schiller

Lawrence Schiller, born in 1936 in New York, is known to most of us for his Marilyn Monroe pictures. At the age of 25, Schiller had had the chance to document the making of “Somethings Gotta Give” and take some of the most intimate images of Marilyn ever. What turned out to become Monroe´s last movie, brought Schiller’s name to the attention of editors worldwide and jump started his career.

After having worked for Paris Match and Life magazine, Schiller published his first book “LSD” in 1966; eleven books were to follow as well as countless assignments by London Sunday Times, Time, and other renowned international publications.

The exhibition “Lawrence Schiller”, to open on April 25th 2014 at galerie hiltawsky, Berlin, features a comprehensive and astounding overview on Schiller´s portfolio. While the viewer encounters an intense and furousios fighting scene of Muhammed Ali, another series documents the minutes after Lee Harvey Oswald found himself being accused of having murdered JFK.

Like only a very few of his profession, Lawrence Schiller has captured photographic iconic moments from a wide range of subject matters. While the mentioned images cover memorable and epheremal moments in world history, the show also includes superb portraits of American icons such as Barbara Streisand, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Tippi Hedren.

In the 1980’s Schiller went on to produce and direct six award winning motion pictures and has written five New York Times bestseller books. Today, Schiller lives and works in New York, looking back at a fascenating career as a photographer, producer, director and writer”.