17 Oct 08 Apr 2017

Perfume flacons — vessels for seductive fragrances

The Storp Collection — from antiquity to the present day. Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

A day can be so beautiful: a few drops from a beautiful flacon or a light press on an atomizer — and you are immediately surrounded by a sheer cloud of well-being. Fragrances are a small luxury. They deserve a container to match.

People’s desire to be able to carry a fragrance with them was widespread in societies as early as the ancient Egyptians. Since a fragrance was only effective when you always had it at your disposal, suitable storage containers were a must.

Flacons were made with the aim of lending a unique, personal touch to every perfume. Today, these design objects are recognized as works of art. Designs have always been subject to the zeitgeist of each period. Flacons are among the most important marketing tools in the beauty industry.
Over 500 flacons from the past 5,000 years can be seen in this special exhibition. The diversity of forms is staggering, and as far as materials go, the sky is the limit: gold, silver, glass, porcelain, enamel, tortoiseshell, pearls, and precious stones. The flacons exhibited from the Storp Collection in Munich represent just a small selection of the world’s largest collection.

In this exhibition the visitor will encounter fragrances from ancient times that would not be considered pleasant at all by today’s standards. Included are twelve fragrances from various fragrance families. Workshops and competitions give visitors young and old the opportunity to experience for themselves the world of flacons and perfumes.


Foto: © Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel